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Who is involved?

In the structure of the Grieving Rituals I am working with the 8 Shields model, developed by Jon Young. It shows  a framework for nature connection and cultural regeneration that is based on eight interconnected directions, or "shields," which are each representing a different aspect of human experience and relationship to the natural world. These directions are based on the teachings of indigenous cultures around the world and reflect the patterns and rhythms of nature. Therefore the communal aspect is represented also within the structure of guidance. It helps that over time it become culture. Within the Grieving Fire Rituals a third of all participants are in the Team.

You want to be involved? Write me!

“The natural world is a culture of vigilance based on carefully tended relationships and connections, maintained through recognition, mutual respect, and “jungle etiquette” that in the end preserves the baseline and conserves energy.” “if you learn to listen to the silence, you'll hear more of everything else.”

Jon Young

Switzerland/ Turkey / Portugal / Germany

Jeremia Geiger M. A. Ing. is supporting creating a Culture of Communal Grieving in various Spaces and Roles.

Switzerland /Germany

Caro Keller, Grief Mentor, bringing the wisdom of Elderhood and  Natureconnection., Deathcare

Germany / Switzerland / Netherland

Nora Jongen, B.A Art and Design

Artist exploring the cyclical rhythms of our nature. Making beauty visible by colour, material, atmosphere and intention setting. Tending to grieve as the place we can feel in our dreams and long to live in. German, Dutch and Englisch.

Germany / Switzerland / Portugal / Norway

Lisa Breithut,  Biologist (MSc) with focus on aquatic ecology of freshwater and marine ecosystems. Supporting the Grieving Rituals in different roles from the very beginning on.

Portugal / UK

Ruth Gordon M.A ​Philosophy and Literature

Musician, Facilitator, Grief Tender with a growing collection of self-composed songs for community and grief work. English

Portugal /France

Laure Luciani M.A Politics and Economics with focus on NGO 

exploring individual and communitarian transformation through grief since 2022, especially in the context of Tamera community in Portugal. English, French, Portuguese and French.

Portugal / Germany 

Saskia Breithardt, Life Coach and Musician
Weaving music into ceremony and ceremony into music is what makes my heart dance the most. 

Germany / Switzerland /

Lukas Geschwind, BA Art and Theater, Somatic Coach and Sexuality, Sexological Bodyworker

Lukas brings in movement, Dance and Practices of  somatic Natureconncetion as well as a lot of experience from his background of facilitation and coaching. 

Germany / Switzerland

Dana Reina Téllez (they/them/she/her) 

indigenous body of culture, latinx transdisciplinary artist and sacred post-activist dedicated to imagination as embodied social justice, committed to following the sweet tender rhythm of decolonial queer-lifemaking and devoted to weaving the thread between us and all of life.

Switzerland / Spain

Laura Cincera stands for beauty overlooked, the magic in the mundane and the poetics of the invisible.

Switzerland / Germany / France

Adrien Labaeye, Dr., Societal transformations, Somatic Facilitator and Coach, supports personal and collective transformation processes, grief being a crucial component. He brings deep love for ceremony, movement and fire in his support of grieving ritual

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