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I am a griefmentor, sabbatical coach multi-disciplinary artist, facilitator, and activist who is dedicated to promoting social and environmental justice. 

  • M.A. Art in Context Universty of fine Arts Berlin 

  • Diplom Art Therapy University of fine Arts Ottersberg

  • Apprentenship with Sorrow, Francis Weller

  • Grief Mentoring, Circlewise, Elke Leopthin-Gerwerth

  • The Art of Soul Making, Francis Weller

  • Death, Elderhood and Dying

  • Non Violent Communication Mediation, Connecting to Life, Yoram Mosenzon

  • Masterclass NVC and Trauma Awareness, Thomas Stelling

  • Trainings in Oral History and Transitional Justice

  • Trainings in Memorial work

  • Decolonial and anti-racist education, global. e.V

  • Moderation and Group Facilitation BEST

  • Kundalini Yoga Teacher L 1, Atma Kaur/Atma Singh

  • Anthroposophy divers Education

  • Nature Connection

  •  Intensive with Louise Claire / Red Sperpent Tantra

  • Divers Courses in Permaculture, Alternative Energies, Community Building, Water Retention Landscape, Loveschool, NVC, Yoga and Meditation

  • The Way of Council, Rob Dreaming, Isabel R. Izabu

  • DAAD and IFA Grant and Laureate of the Prize for Democracy Berlin

  • Speaker for Peace and Reconciliation for the Peace Conference Cambodia, Unicef and other Kollegiums


I  have been involved in various initiatives and projects that aim to create positive change in society.

As an artist, i explored themes such as identity, memory, and social inequality through various mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture, and performance art. My work often involve collaboration with other artists and community members, and seek to create spaces for dialogue and reflection.

In addition to my artistic pursuits I was  a mentor for young change makers internationally involved in various initiatives that support youth

empowerment, leadership development. For over over 17  Years I have been a mentor and facilitator for international programs including offering Rites Of Passages and building Networks aiming of sustainability, peace and natureconnection. I worked in many different countries, such as Cambodia, Palestine, Israel, South Africa, Croatia, Thailand, Portugal, Norway, Switzerland and Germany.

I am known for my ability to inspire and empower People to follow their potential and as a dynamic and passionate individual who is committed to creating a more  sustainable world through art, activism, and community leadership  As a Facilitator and Mentor I am using my knowledge from Arttherapy, Somatic Practices, Kundalini Yoga, Non Violent Communication, Griefwork and more than 20 years of experience in facilitation and space holding.

In the moment I am working full-time as a grief mentor and support individuals and communities in navigating the challenges of grief and loss and as a Sabbatical Coach within a Sabbatical coaching Program.


My work is inspired by my teachers: Francis Weller, Elke Loepthien-Gerwert, Gabor Mate, Stephen Jenkinson, Louise Claire, Martin Prechtel, Isabel Knauf, Sobonfu Somé, Malidoma Somé, Jon Young, Marshall Rosenberg, Peter Levine, Anthroposophy, Elaine Yonge, Ecome, Tamera Community, my Mother Hanna Rehbein and my father Werner Rehbein, my sisters and brothers, my nieces and nephew, my uncle Uwe Stracke, my ancestors and many others.  

My deep gratitude goes to all of them also to my partner Jeremia Geiger, my friends and colleagues, from whom I am ongoing learning.

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